Sunday 6 September 2009

Solution Store not Hobby Kit

IT services could be complete, and there shouldn't be so many of them.

Why exactly does every student, accountancy firm, doctors surgery etc. all need to source software and hardware in kit form and then get it all cobbled together by paying for IT services that fail? It's hard to believe it's 2009 and not the 1980's!

Economies of scale are required to provide affordable and fully trusted computer configurations that can be cheaply maintained. Currently only some of the largest corporations (and then only the ones with excellent IT capabilities) manage to cost effectively provide an excellent end user experience.

The real cost of reliability often comes at the expense of digital freedoms as only the single vendor solutions can provide the "app store" style maintenance experience that "just works".

If we want to prevent a real 1984 experience (regarding digital freedoms) then shouldn't a way to share reliable and tested computer configurations become the sort after holy Grail of IT?

Shared IT configurations that can be deployed automatically could provide the economies of scale (for lowering maintenance costs) needed for reliable IT that is truly provided in the consumer's best interest.

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