Tuesday 22 September 2009

IT Suppliers & IT Consultancies

Again, Wired is inspiring me to blog - see their article "5 industry collusions we'd like to throw down a black hole".

There are certainly industry collisions in the IT industry. Unfortunately the end result is the same:

Deliver a poor user IT experience unless the customer pays extra for:

  1. IT Consultancies' / resellers (think Accenture, Microsoft or HP) to "fit products" together (think Windows, PC's, Linux, web sites).
  2. Vendor data lock in (think Apple or even Google).

To provide a healthy Ecosystem of IT services at a low cost we need to choose hardware which works with any software without the need for expensive consultants.

Wired inspired me to "draw" my solution of how small providers could start to build these working services - the .

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