Thursday 9 April 2009

Total Automation - Remove the root of all errors!

What? - we should aspire to build and maintain computer systems that deliver user services without ANY manual intervention.

Why? - Commodity computer systems may be cheap to aquire but they require many software configuration changes to be made consistently to many environments if they are to be tested and made ready for use. This requires a complex change process which involves (at best) documenting and subsequent interpretation and re-implimentation of complex procedures. This very often introduces errors, support, more change and complexity which ulimatly means unreliable and costly computing!

I believe that we should be automating computers and not writing procedures to try and automate people as we are ultimatly the source of all computer errors!

By comitting all changes to a computer system to documentation that computers can follow directly (automation) we eliminate the source of most errors - human error!

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