Thursday 9 April 2009

C.M.L. : Freeze dried I.T.

This post discusses technical detail - I'll discuss more after putting this out there!

In my previous post I described a system using source control to express and deliver software deployments. Here I'll expand on one piece of the jigsaw: an XML document type called Configuration Markup Language or CML. A potential RFC in progress?

In short CML should be capable of describing entire user service(s), or technically a software stack, from the hardware up!

Some initial thoughts on the technicalities involved:

  1. Must ultimatly describe required hardware type(s) and initial boot images used.
  2. Must refer to all dependant services (CML files).
  3. Must refer uniquly to a compatible software stack used to 'run' this CML file see .
  4. Describes every post boot configuration change and refers uniquly to all binary image(s) and other files required to get the job done!
  5. Will NOT describe any deployment detail specific to a specific site or environment instalation; these details (host names, passwords, ports, number of devices available and unique references etc.) should be held in an environment specific repository.

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