Tuesday 25 September 2012

Community Distributed Cloud

Is there a place for community run, distributed and open source cloud infrastructure - or does Amazon / Rack-space know best?

Features / Advantages

  1. potential massive redundancy
  2. free to use locally (cost of local hardware & bandwidth aside)
  3. credits to use community resources by contributing:
    1. storage
    2. compute time
    3. bandwidth
    4. Development / support of the community cloud solution features
  4. enable new class of hardware platform / service paid for by community

Initial applications / services

If your resources are always available, credits could be gained to use the community resource for:

  1. raw storage grid
  2. raw compute grid
  3. off site backup
  4. redundant application hosting
After saving up credits, the following applications could be used across many sites for a short period for:
  1. Application multi node development and testing
  2. render
  3. scientific modelling
  4. AI

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