Monday 3 May 2010

Devops Discovered

I've just discovered that I do 'devops':

"I've been treading the line between development and operations my whole career. When in support roles I've striven to develop automation as it was always more fun. When working on large development projects I've been heavily involved in test driven development, agile methods and generally automating the development lifecycle."

The other day I googled deployment, automation or clouds or some such thing, as I often do, and out popped the devops movement!

A good definition of 'devops' is on the dev2ops blog as is a take on how this is relevant to deployment.

1 comment:

  1. Great link, Lewis (dev2ops). There is interesting coverage of the experience someone had of bridging/merging Agile and ITIL:

    I have pretty much come to the realisation that the only way to higher-quality software systems (or software **services**, as we should think of them) is to get developers understanding operations/support.